How to Start Windows 10/11 in Safe Mode

Safe mode is a diagnostic startup mode in Windows operating systems. It's typically used when you need to troubleshoot or fix problems with your computer. This can help you identify and fix issues with your computer.

How to Start Windows 10/11 in Safe Mode
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What is safe mode, and why would you use it?

If your computer is having problems starting up, you may need to start it in safe mode. Safe mode starts Windows with a minimal set of drivers and services to help troubleshoot issues. If your computer isn’t working the way you expect it to, start it in safe mode, and then remove each of your startup items. This will help you find out if a program you installed is causing issues.

From MsConfig :

right click on start menu, it should appear a menu, choose run

type msconfig

select boot tab

Now you can select how to boot to safe mode with


will boot with minimal drivers and services.

Alternate shell

will boot to command prompt instead of windows  with minimal will boot with minimal drivers and services..

Active directory repair

will boot into safe mode with only the files required to repair active directory (i.e. dns, netlogon, schema directory etc.).


will boot into safe mode with only the files and drivers required to access the network.

From Settings

right click on start menu and choose Settings.

Click on Update & Security

Go to Recovery tab and press the Restart Now button on Advanced startup

after reboot, choose Troubleshoot

go to Advanced options

And select Startup options

Now press Restart

After restart you can choose between safe modes (F4, F5 or F6)

To reboot into safe mode from the sign-in screen:

Click the power button in the bottom-right corner of the screen. While holding down the Shift key, click Restart.

If windows doesn't go to log in screen

In some cases it hangs on the login screen, or it even appears, in that case you can force shutting down your pc by pressing the power button until it shuts down. When windows is loading force it again, repeat more 2 or 3 times and windows will start Automatic Repair

Select Advanced options

And now you can use what was mentioned before... Good Luck ;)

Safe mode can save you from a Windows reinstall or data loss. Unfortunately it can't always help you... in that cases consider reinstall windows or deliver it to a professional... I hope this article helped you.